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The System

The Easy Track system is simply: A PVC plastic extruded curtain track that inserts into a special pre-routed groove in a craftwood melamine board. When the track is inserted into the routed groove the plastic track springs out and locks into the board. Several tracks are inserted into the one board. There is a special centre piece in the middle that acts like a trapdoor. The advantages to this are:

  • If the PVC track ever wears out? (There is a 5 year warranty most people get well over 10 years) it is easy, quickly and cheaply replaced.
  • The gliders and the track are both plastic, so your curtains will always glide well for the life of the track.
  • There is no possibility of corrosion.
  • Installation is very flexible, tracks can be screwed through at any point for ceiling fix and brackets can also attached at any point.

Instead of having separate gliders on the tracks and hooks on the curtains - the glider hooks straight onto the curtain like a safety pin. The advantages to this are:

  • The gliders can never fall off the curtain.
  • The gliders don't have to be removed before washing.
  • There is no chance of hooks corroding.

Because the curtains hang directly underneath the tracks we normally encourage people to finish off the top of the track with a treatment. The following is a list of options for covering the top of your curtains:

  • On the edge or top of the board Velcro or pocket hole tape can the be attached allowing for a fabric Valance or Swags and Tails.
  • We have a range of wooden pelmets that can be painted or varnished and are constructed around the board.
  • Upholstered pelmets can be constructed around the board.
  • Poles can be attached to the front.
  • Melamine Edge.

The Easy Track system is designed so when you remove your curtains they come down in the centre of the track, but can slide past the centre at any time, even without a lifting rod curtains can be removed quickly and without hooks dropping everywhere. Also the curtains can be removed from the ground with a lifting rod. The advantages to this are:

  • You don't have to move furniture out of the way to get you curtains off.
  • You can have 2 curtains but stack them to one side or the other or leave them in the middle.
  • Your curtains can be removed and refitted using a lifting rod - eliminating the risk of personal injury.
  • With or without a lifting rod your curtains can be removed and refitted quickly and without hooks dropping everywhere.
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Latest News

Installers opinion -

“As an EasyTrack installer, I’ve set up hundreds of tracks for many happy customers. People are always amazed at the superior craftsmanship and quality of the curtains, tracks and blinds they receive and just how easy they are to use.”


Happy customers 2010!!

“For many years I have had trouble sleeping due to the light and noise coming from a busy intersection nearby my house. After a friend had EasyTrack installed in his own house I decided to try the system out for myself and no longer get the loud traffic noise and irritating street lights through my bedroom window. Thank you EasyTrack!”


“I grew up with Easy Track in my home as a teenager, and my parents swear by it. Now that I am building my own house I can’t think of a better product to really compliment all of our hard work.”


“I’ve stayed in countless hotels, holiday apartments and guestrooms throughout Australia and have never come across a curtain tracking system as easy, elegant and remarkable as the Easy Track system. So simple to take down, wash or change and rehang; I’ll never use anything else!”