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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of the most common asked questions:

1. How do I go about getting a quote?

  • Come into our showroom with your window measurements or plan. Our showroom hours are Mon - Fri 10am to 3pm & Sat 10am to 1:30pm. Please call us before you are coming to ensure the right staff member will be available to help you.
  • Arrange for our mobile showroom to visit you at your home.
  • Ring email or fax us with your measurements and we can send you back a preliminary quotation.

2. How do I measure my windows for The Easy Track system?

  • We need the measurement LHS outside architrave to the RHS outside architrave and how close each architrave is to an object such as a wall or other window.
  • We need the distance from the the top of the architrave to the floor and how close the ceiling or cornice is to the top of the architrave.
  • If the curtains not hanging to the floor we need the distance from the top of the architrave to where the bottom of the curtain should sit (normally about 10cm below bottom architrave).

3. How can I make my own curtains using the Easy Track System?

Making curtains using the Easy Track system is very easy, we have special self pleating tape that is sewn on the top of your fabric. When you pull the strings the tape automatically pleats the fabric. We provide all accessories and instructions to make it as easy as possible.

The gliders attach on to hold the pleats in shape.

Our automatic pleating tapes guarantee you a perfect pleat

More information will be available soon on the website until then don't hesitate to contact us for further details.

4. How do I measure for curtains using the Easy Track system?

The measurements we need is the track length and the distance from underneath the track to the floor. If the curtain is not going to hang to the floor then from under the track to where the curtain will stop.

5. Does Easy Track have a showroom?

Yes, Easy Track does have a showroom:

Address: 579 Boundary Rd Archerfield QLD 4108
(Between Beatty and Beaudesert Rd's)

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri 10am to 3pm & Sat 10am to 1:30pm
We are often open outside these hours, call us to make sure we will be there.

6. Does Easy Track have a mobile showroom?

Yes, Easy Track does have a mobile showroom:

Mobile Showroom Van

We have a large range of fabric books, pictures and track sample for you to see in your home.

7. Does Easy Track also make curtains, valances and other soft furnishings?

Yes, Easy Track supplies the full range of soft furnishings you expect to see in any curtain shop: Swags and Tails, Curtains, Sheers or Voiles, Fabric Valances, Custom cushions, Roller blinds, Roman blinds, Austrian blinds, Tie-backs, Shutters, Bedspreads and more.

8. Are ready made curtains available for the Easy Track system?

At the moment we don't supply ready made curtains for the Easy Track system, however most existing ready made curtains can be adapted to work with the Easy Track system for more information call us or drop into our showroom.

9. Does Easy Track sell to overseas customers?

Easy Track can supply to overseas customers, please email us with your requests and we can arrange a quotation for you. Also Easy Track is always looking for overseas agents if you think our product could do well in your country we have a variety of possible business models for your consideration.

10. Does Easy Track sell fabric only?

Yes, at Easy Track we have a small range of heavily discounted in-house fabric. Also we are agents for most fabric suppliers and can order in any fabric, to do this all we require is the supplier name, the fabric name and the colour. We are often able to match or beat competitors prices.

11. Does Easy Track supply to curtain shops in my area?

There are numerous shops carying the Easy Track system around Australia, please feel free to call us and check if there is one near you. In South East Queensland metro you can buy directly of us for all your window furnishing needs.

12. Can tracks be sent to me if I’m not in SEQ?

Yes, we send tracking and pelmets to people all the time there is just a small packing and freight charge.

13. What is your policy regarding privacy?

Any customer who purchases something has there details in our computer, these details are never under any circumstances except if Easy Track is legally bound to do so - given to a third party. The only possible correspondance customers may receive is: a possible follow up phone call after a recent job, an occasional newsletter either by email or normal mail.

14. What type of warranty does Easy Track offer?

There is a 5 year home use warranty on all Easy-track components and tracking, in reality you can expect well over 10 years of trouble free operation.

15. What happen if my tracks break after the warranty period?

If the tracks ever do need replacing, the plastic insert extrusion is low cost and can be replaced without even taking down the curtain track.

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Installers opinion -

“As an EasyTrack installer, I’ve set up hundreds of tracks for many happy customers. People are always amazed at the superior craftsmanship and quality of the curtains, tracks and blinds they receive and just how easy they are to use.”


Happy customers 2010!!

“For many years I have had trouble sleeping due to the light and noise coming from a busy intersection nearby my house. After a friend had EasyTrack installed in his own house I decided to try the system out for myself and no longer get the loud traffic noise and irritating street lights through my bedroom window. Thank you EasyTrack!”


“I grew up with Easy Track in my home as a teenager, and my parents swear by it. Now that I am building my own house I can’t think of a better product to really compliment all of our hard work.”


“I’ve stayed in countless hotels, holiday apartments and guestrooms throughout Australia and have never come across a curtain tracking system as easy, elegant and remarkable as the Easy Track system. So simple to take down, wash or change and rehang; I’ll never use anything else!”