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Mobile Showroom

Our mobile showroom is a large van decked out with a huge range of fabrics, pelmets, blinds and sample treatments that allows you to see how the idea's on this website will look in your home.

We have removable pelmets and mini-samples that can be held up on your current windows to help with your decision making.

Currently we have a mobile showroom only in the Brisbane area, but we are planning to have more mobile showroom's in different locations in the future.

Please call us to make an appointment for an obligation free quotation.

Mobile Showroom Van

If you are interested in driving a van like this and becoming an Easy Track representative in another area, please contact us.

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Installers opinion -

“As an EasyTrack installer, I’ve set up hundreds of tracks for many happy customers. People are always amazed at the superior craftsmanship and quality of the curtains, tracks and blinds they receive and just how easy they are to use.”


Happy customers 2010!!

“For many years I have had trouble sleeping due to the light and noise coming from a busy intersection nearby my house. After a friend had EasyTrack installed in his own house I decided to try the system out for myself and no longer get the loud traffic noise and irritating street lights through my bedroom window. Thank you EasyTrack!”


“I grew up with Easy Track in my home as a teenager, and my parents swear by it. Now that I am building my own house I can’t think of a better product to really compliment all of our hard work.”


“I’ve stayed in countless hotels, holiday apartments and guestrooms throughout Australia and have never come across a curtain tracking system as easy, elegant and remarkable as the Easy Track system. So simple to take down, wash or change and rehang; I’ll never use anything else!”