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The Easytrack Curtain System

The Easytrack curtain system was invented in Austria/Germany in the 1960s and brought to Australia by an Austrian couple who couldn't find any good ceiling-mounted curtain tracking for a room divider.

Easytrack has been operating in Australia since 1990, with an improved version of the original European system.

Many Australian customers say they would not use any other curtain track system due to it’s unique properties, reliability and durability.


The Easytrack system is: A specially designed plastic track that fits into a routed groove made in 16mm white MDF board in a shape that allows the plastic track to spring into the grove and not fall out.



The Centre Piece - Is the part in the middle of the track, where the curtains are fed into and removed from the curtain track. The centre piece is like a trap door allowing you to feed the curtain gliders into the track.

Once the gliders are in the track the curtains can be moved in either direction and cross over the trap door centre piece without any problem.

The End Stoppers - At each end of the track. Allow the sides of the curtains to be clipped in to stop the curtains from moving away from the end of the track when you move them. Simply push the curtain to the side until you hear it clip or pull the curtain away from the end with minimal force until it unclips.

Benefits of the Easytrack System

Curtain making is done with our range of European self-pleating curtain tapes.















Simply sew the curtain tape onto the top of your fabric and pull the little strings built into the curtain tape and even pleats are formed in your curtains.
- Offers a fantastic looking finished product with easy sewing work.



Being mounted in a White MDF board the track can be screwed through at any point to attach into ceiling, screw into existing upholstered pelmets or be the headboard of new upholstered pelmets.

We make a range of Wooden Pelmets with the Easytrack Built into the headboard. Also Velcro or pocket tape can be attached on the top or edge of the tracks for fabric valances and swag & tails.

Being a plastic track with plastic gliders, curtains glide easily and cannot develop problems due to dust or corrosion.

The hooks and gliders are in one piece. They hook onto the curtain like a safety pin and on the other end they glide in the track.
- This means they can never fall off the curtains or out of the track.



The Gliders are constantly attached to the curtains via the bottom part of the glider, the gliders can remain on during washing of the curtains, but are easy to take off if required.

Using the trap door centre piece it is extremely easy to remove and put back curtains into the track.

The Lifting Rod - Curtains can be put up and taken down easily with our incredible Lifting Rod. Simply insert the lifting rod into the trap door centre piece and tug the curtains with your other hand and the curtains glide into the stick. After washing the curtains load them into the lifting rod and push them into the track with the built-in lifting rod handle.

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