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Different finishes for the Easytrack© curtain system

Wooden pelmets with the Easytrack© curtain track built-in:
Wooden are made around your chosen Easytrack© curtain tracking - (S10) single track, (D15) double track or even (T22) triple track are built into the top board (headboard) inside the top of the pelmets.

Fabric Valances with the Easytrack© curtain track: 
Fabric Valances/Pelmets can be attached by Velcro (Velcro Edge VE) or little curtain hooks in the pockets (Pocket Tape Edge TE) to the front edge of the Easytrack board. Suitable tracks S12 or D17 with VE or TE.



Swags and Tails with the Easytrack© curtain track:

The Easytrack D17 or S12 Velcro top is the perfect track for Swags and Tails because it has everything in one board. The Swags and Tails are held on by Velcro and can easily be removed from the top for washing.



Easytrack© curtain track with White Edge screwed to the ceiling.
Suitable for S10, D15 or any tracking configuration with White edge that makes the track disappear into the ceiling.

Easytrack© built into the ceiling:
An unpainted pelmet with the Easytrack© curtain system built into it.
The pelmet is attached to the ceiling after plastering.
The cornice is then added by the plasterer and the whole thing is painted.

A plain raw 170mm pelmet installed in the ceiling with cornice added, left side unpainted and right side painted.

Upholstered with built-in tracking:
We can make a 12mm Craft-wood Pelmet for you to upholster yourself or you can get a track with no edge and screw it under an existing upholstered Pelmet.

Also you can come into our showroom and choose the fabrics and we can make you an upholstered pelmet with the Easytrack© curtain system built-in.

Easytrack© curtain tracks raw edge:
Also curtain tracks are available with a raw edge for many DIY applications - Making you own pelmets, putting in a bulkhead, inserting in existing pelmets, ect.