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Motorised Curtain Tracks

Simplicity of operation:

The remote control allows you to move the curtain to the end in either direction and stop the curtain it at any point. No limits to reset if the power goes out!
If you lose the remote control - gently tug on the curtain the motor will kick in and move the curtain without the remote control.

Easy to install:

Instruction are supplied and motor can be mounted to either side.

If power failure:

If the power goes out, can still be operated by hand.

240 volt, heavy duty system:

Works on our 240 volt system so requires no big power
transformer in the well socket. Rated to take up to 50KG curtain weight.

Overheat Protection:

If the curtain is opened and closed to many times without pause, the motor will not burn out it will stop until it has cooled down then
continue operating normally again.


Running system:

Operates smoothly and quietly using roller gliders. Runs

on a tried and tested belt drive system - the belt run in a separate part of the extrusion and can’t come in contact with gliders.

The brand:

Dooya and Somfy are related business entities. Dooya is part of the Somfy company group and shares the same high level of quality control.

Quality control:

◆ Each motor has obtained 100% strict quality test
before leaving Dooya.
◆ Dooya has obtained 100% strict quality test before leaving Dooya ◆ Dooya has obtained ISO4001 system
◆ Dooya provide five year warranty for motor
◆ Each year thousands of products accept 60 days & aging test.

What’s included in price?

◆ Made up to specifications on order form and ready to install
◆ Unlimited phone support during installation
◆ 13 Gliders per metre of track
◆ Motor
◆ Single channel remote control
◆ 5 Year warranty
◆ Mounting brackets

Smart Hub

Connects to your router and allows you to control your curtains from anywhere anytime. You can also add automatic timer.