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Bass Wooden Venetian Blind - White

Wooden Venetian Blind with 50mm slates, White Colour with top pelmet cover.

***For inside window frame mounting, The blind should be from 1cm to 4.5cm narrower than the inside window measurement. This is so the brackets can fit in and to ensure blades don't keep hitting the sides of the window frame.


  • BASSWOOD - Made of USA plantation basswood timber, stable, environmentally friendly and long lasting
  • Wand to adjust angle of slates rather more strings
  • Simple harbor bridge profile cover pelmet
  • Easy installation - Comes with all fittings, screws and instructions
  • Painted White (Not coated or wraped)


Colour: White painted quality blind - not poor quality wood coated

Controlling mechanism: LHS wand that adjusts angle of blinds, RHS strings that allow blind to raised and lowered

Slates: White 50mm Basswood

Pelmet: Harbour bridge profile 63mm

Do it yourself guide to getting our Venetian blinds

Step 1: Decide inside or outside mounting.

Most people prefer to mount their Venetian blinds inside the window frame, to do this you need about 5cm of space inside your window frame for the blind to fit in, otherwise you can mount it on the architrave or if you don't have one on the wall.

Step 2: Take measurements.

Measure width inside architrave or if outside mounting width of place where blind will be mounted. Then measure the drop how far down will go down.

Step 3: Check what sizes are available.

Check our listing to see if a blind from 1cm to 4.5cm less than this width exists and from 2cm less than the drop to 6cm more than the drop. If you find the right size your done:) go to step 6.

Step 4: Buy the closest size.

So if you don't find the right size no problem, The width can be adjusted and so can the drop. If the width is not right you will need to buy the next widest size. If the drop is not right you will need one that drops down further.

Step 5: Decide who will adjust the blind.

Read the instructions about adjusting the width and or drop of the blind, then decide if you think you can do it or want us to do it.

Step 6. Buy the blind.

Go ahead and buy your blind.

If you want blind adjustments by us click on width adjustment to get us to cut down the width and or the drop adjustment to get us to adjust the drop. Then send us a message with the drop and or width required.
Also please also indicate:
(A.) I have already deductions for window width.
(B.) I have given you window sizes please make width deduction for me.

Next buy your blind/blinds. If you have bought more than one blind of different sizes we will consolidate your purchase into one invoice in some case the freight may be reduced.

See bottom of listing for freight charges.

Adjustment of height

The width of blind can be adjusted relatively easily.

  1. Ideally hang blind in the window and work out the correct height.
  2. Carefully lever off fragile bottom plugs with flat screw driver.
  3. Undo knots and remove bottom weight bar.
  4. Weight goes directly underneath string that slate sits on, rather than sitting on top of string.
  5. Take strings out at desired level, slide unnecessary slates out.
  6. Slide weight bar in desired position then leave a couple of ladders down and cut off ladder strings.
  7. Slide middle strings through weight bar.
  8. Twist ladder strings that weight bar is sitting under and forcing weight bar to top of ladder string and force plug in to hold weight bar in position.
  9. Tie knots in middle strings, pull though and knot to desired cord length.

Adjustment of width

The width of blind can be adjusted relatively easily. Ideally width should be adjusted by a handy man or carpenter.

  1. Remove plastic end pieces from top.
  2. Line-up slates weight bar and top.
  3. With slates held or clamped firmly together,cut through with drop saw, panel saw or hand saw.
  4. Ends can be touched up with white paint if necessary.

What's in the box?

  1. Blind with tilt wand attached.
  2. Pelmet cover piece.
  3. All necessary mounting brackets and screws.
  4. Bottom hold down clips


We pride ourselves on providing a quality blind at an affordable price, as you may be aware by now the blind industry is very competitive.

Below is a list of seller tricks to be aware of before deciding:

Pelmets: This is the piece that covers the top metal headboard of your blind. Our pelmets are 63mm, some others are only 50mm and look small and tacky and barely cover the top of the blind.

Pelmet brackets: Our pelmet brackets come attached to the pelmets other companies send you tiny screws you virtually need magnifying glass to see and expect you to use these, to screw your brackets onto the pelmets before you can put them up.

Slate size: Our slate size is 50mm this is the industry standard some other companies offer 45mm slate size - this is not as good for timber venetian blinds as the string holes are now closer to the edges and it doesn't provide the same look.

PVC or Eco blind: Many companies claim PVC blinds are environmentally friendly, longer lasting and easier to wipe down. From experience of being in the industry for many years we have seen the following disadvantages with this product not mentioned by the sellers:

1. They are considerably heavier and the weight puts more stress on the components - Causing them to break quicker, especially if exposed to wind.

2. Over time the slates sag.

Adjusting blind angle: Rather than a wooden rod to adjust angle of the slates many companies provide even more strings, how many strings do you want hanging down from your blind?

Coated slates: What does the phrase "Easy clean coated slates" mean? Well from our experience it means doggy unsalable wood slates, hidden by a thick plastic coating wrap.

Material: The undisputed best material to make blinds out of is Ceder, followed by Basswood (plantation timber) many companies use other materials and claim they are better, if you have time to research this, you will most likely come to the same concussion we have.


After payment has been received, items can be freighted or picked up from Coopers Plains - Brisbane Southside.

Freight Cost

120cm Drop

$15 for 44cm x 120cm
$15 for 59cm x 120cm
$15 for 74cm x 120cm
$15 for 89cm x 120cm
$15 for 104cm x 120cm

$20 for 119cm x 120cm
$20 for 134cm x 120cm

$25 for 149cm x 120cm
$25 for 164cm x 120cm
$25 for 179cm x 120cm

$30 for 194cm x 120cm

$35 for 209cm x 120cm
$35 for 239cm x 120cm

210cm Drop

$15 for 44cm x 210cm
$15 for 59cm x 210cm

$20 for 74cm x 210cm
$20 for 89cm x 210cm
$20 for 104cm x 210cm

$25 for 119cm x 210cm
$25 for 134cm x 210cm

$30 for 149cm x 210cm
$30 for 164cm x 210cm
$30 for 179cm x 210cm

$30 for 194cm x 120cm

$35 for 209cm x 120cm
$35 for 239cm x 120cm

Additional Blinds $8.00, all so please note occasionally remote locations are more expensive for freight - if this happens we will notify you and give you the option of cancelling.