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Measuring Guide

Measure your windows


1.When measuring your window from architrave to floor a few measurements should be taken and the highest one used.
2. All measurements where curtain is going to floor should be taken from floor upwards not above architrave.

Add an allowance on each side of the outside architrave(Normally 10cm) and make sure there will be no obstacles in the way:

Possible fixing points:

Ceiling Fix: Screwed into ceiling - not possible if there is a cornice, unless mounted back behind cornice. Normally used for built-in to ceiling pelmets, below bulk head pelmets, track only with melimine edge.

On Architrave - Sits on top of the architrave - nomally used for wooden pel- mets, small face drop upholstered pelmets or tracks with pole front. Covering the top of your architrave finishes of your window nicely.

Above Architrave - Sits a distance above the architrave - normally used for Up- holstered pelmets, Swags and Tails and fabric Valances. Mounting like this can make your room look bigger.

End against wall - If window is very close to one wall the track/treatment can be made so there is no end on the side where the window is next to the wall and the track butts up to the side wall. This specified: End LHS-No End RHS.

Track measurement types:

Standard measurement: This is the measurement of the track and in the case of a wooden or upholstered pelmet does not include the thickness of the profile on the ends of the track.

Outside measurement: This is the total length of the track including any profile attached to each end.


Drop measurement types:

Drop to floor: This is the distance from under where the track will be mounted - to the floor, we will make further allowances so your curtain doesn’t touch the floor.

Drop specified distance from under track: This is the exact distance you want the curtain to stop, from under where the track will be mounted to a specified point.

Example of how to write measurements: OA(Outside Architrave)

OA to OA + Allowance = Track width / Drop type and length / Fixing point / Ends

W1 200cm + 20cm = 220cm / Drop to Floor 213cm / On Architrave / End LHS-End RHS

W1 200cm (outsite architrave to outsite architrave) + 20cm (Allowance Past Architrave 10cm each side) = 220cm (Standard track length) / Drop to Floor 213cm (Drop under where track will be mounted - to floor). On Architrave ( Fixing point) End LHS-End RHS (No side butting up against wall each side will have an end).