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Brackets that are screwed on to the top of the tracks and screw:


Slotted bracket
slot side is screwed to top of architrave.

25mm countersunk rib head. To attach brackets to architrave.

16mm Small screw used for screwing slotted bracket into track.


Brackets that are screwed on to the top of the tracks and screw:


100 x 75 large bracket. The long side screws on top of the track small side onto wall.

44mm pan 10 gage.

Screws to wall top hole of bracket

button head. Screws to
wall bottom hole of bracket

19mm pan 10 gage. Screws to top of large bracket.


Step 1. Consider drop height:

The distance from the top of your architrave to the floor is your drop. The finished drop for curtains should be between 2.5cm and 3 cm less than this, to allow the curtains to hang between 1cm and 1.5 cm above the floor.

Step 2. Fix small silver brackets to top of architrave and mark centre:

Using a cordless drill - screw small silver brackets to top of architrave with wider end of bracket screwed to architrave. Using approximate spacing of 650mm, Measure outside architrave to outside architrave half this measurement and measure out from one side, pencil mark this point on architrave - this is your window middle point.

Step 3. Mark top of track and attach large gold brackets:

Measure across the outside of the window from outside to outside of window frame. Subtract measurement from length of track divide by 2, put a mark on each side of track at this distance.

Attach a large bracket each side just past the ouside of these marks. Make sure brackets miss outside of architrave when track is held up.

Attach brackets with long side on top of track and shorter side hanging down. Use cordless drill screw from top using small thick screws provided.

Step 4. When screwing track to wall:

After track is aligned and you are attaching to wall see below

Step 5. Fix track to wall:

Place tiny screw on cordless drill end and place drill in a position you can easily reach from ladder. Lift track up from the center and place on top of architrave. Align middle track pencil mark with middle wall pencil mark. Using smallest screws while pushing track hard against wall screw – screw track to bracket. One screw should hold it till you organise yourself to put the remaining screws in to small brackets.

Step 6. Screw in remaining screws:

For big brackets already attached to track. Screw largest screws into top big brackets holes and slightly smaller screws into bottom big bracket holes.