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Refitting Extrusion

Step 1. Starting at one end, gently push new extrusion in or hammer extru- sion in with fist or mallet. You should hear the extrusion click when it is properly in place.

Step 2. Place end stoppers near each end, then twist 90 deg with pliers, then tap end stopper along with flat blade screw driver until it’s at the end of the track.


Insert pin in little hole in end stopper then gently push in with end of pliers or other tool.

Note: Pins can easily bend so it’s worth getting a few spare ones just incase.

Step 3. Re-insert centre piece:

1. Simply push in the hole and make sure it’s sliding back and forth OK.

Note: Green centre piece not available.

2. White/Red Trap door centre piece - slide the end away from opening in first with 2 grooves slotting in behind tracks, part that opening side should be to left. Centre piece should now be in at one end and half sticking out at the other end. To get the rest in do one side at a time. Push to side as far to middle then down through middle of track and then groove should slide under track.

Note: Once both sides are in centre piece may need to be gently tapped back with screw driver and hammer so both ends/wings open right out.