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Removing Extrusion

Step 1. Remove end stoppers. These are attached by a pin with a large round head.

The end stoppers are on each end of the track and are used to clip the curtain back at each end when necessary.

1. Place a pair of pliers on head of the pin and pull out.

2. Place a pair of pliers on raised bar on end stopper and twist 90 deg then pull out

Step 2. Remove the centre piece.

There are 2 types of centre pieces:

i. The green centerpiece - to remove this simply pinch the green insert together and pull it out.

ii. The white/red trapdoor centerpiece - to remove this push trapdoor in, find the end where the opening appears.

On the end where the opening is push 1 side as far into the centre as possible and then pull it down - this side should now be sticking out above the track. Re- peat the process for the other side and then pull the whole thing out.

Step 3. Once the 2 end pieces and the centre piece have been removed, remove extrusion.

To remove the extrusion, pinch together and, starting at one end, twist it out of the cavity.

Warning: In some rare cases if extrusion is brittle it may shatter as it’s being removed in this case eye protection should be used.