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Step 1 - All about wooden Pelmets

What are wooden pelmets?

Pelmets are a decorative top piece attached to the wall or ceiling designed to cover the top of your window furnishings. They are made of 3 components joined together:

The pelmet headboard - Board above window dressing that the pelmet face attaches to.

The pelmet face - Visible part of the pelmet that comes down over the top of the window dressings.

The returns  - The sides of the pelmet that meet the wall. In some cases one of the returns may not be needed if that end meets directly to the wall. 

What are the main advantages of wooden pelmets? 

  1. Cover the top of your curtains or blinds from dust.
  2. Insulate your home by stopping the flow of hot and cold air in-front of your glass window.
  3. Hide ugly brackets and fittings at the top of your window dressings and finish off the look of your room with something nice.
  4. Reduce outside noise.
  5. Stops light coming through the top of your curtains.

Easytrack makes 3 types of wooden pelmets:

  1. Painted white or colour of your choice.
  2. Varnished wood.
  3. Unpainted finger joined pine (FJP) or craft-wood ready for you to paint yourself.

 The Headboard or top of the pelmet comes with 3 different options:

    1. Headboard with no track - H10 or H15 means no pre-made curtain track built-in. H10 means the top of the pelmet is 10cm wide and H15 means the top of the pelmet is 15cm wide, giving you 10cm or 15cm of space to accommodate a blind or 2 blinds or existing curtain tracks. The headboard is made of strong white MDF and can be screwed into to support any types of window furnishings.
    2. Easytrack© curtain track system built in S10,D15 or T22.
      S10 means a single curtain track built into the headboard 10cm wide.
      D15 means two curtain tracks built into the headboard 15cm wide.
      T22 means three curtain tracks built into the headboard 22cm wide.

    3. Motorised means the pelmet comes with remote control motorised curtain track installed in it. The motorised tracks requires a 240volt power point which can be at either end that the motor plugs into. A single motorised track has a headboard 10cm wide and a double motorised track has 2 motorised tracks next to each other and requires a 20cm headboard.