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Step 3 - Choosing the system you want built-into your pelmet

Easytrack pelmets are available in 3 Types:

      1. With Easytrack© this is with our unique curtain track system built-in to the top board (headboard). Available options S10,D15 or T22:

        S10 means a single curtain track built into the headboard 10cm wide.
        D15 means two curtain tracks built into the headboard 15cm wide.
        T22 means three curtain tracks built into the headboard 22cm wide.

      2. With a plain headboard.

        H10 means no track 10cm of space in the headboard.
        H15 means no track 15cm of space in the headboard.

        The space can be used to accommodate a blind or 2 blinds or existing curtain tracks.

        The headboard is made of strong white MDF and can be screwed into at any point to support any types of window furnishings.

      3. With our motorised track built-in.

        This means the pelmet comes with our remote control motorised curtain track installed in it. The motorised tracks requires a 240volt power point which can be at either end that the motor plugs into. A single motorised track has a headboard 10cm wide and a double motorised track has 2 motorised tracks next to each other and requires a 20cm headboard.