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Step 4 - Choosing your pelmet profile finish

There are two types of pelmets:

  1. To be painted - Pelmets that are to be painted are made out of FJP (Finger Jointed Pine) or Craft wood. FJP has a join every 10cm and is not suitable for varnishing.

    Painted pelmets can be purchased raw (ready for you to paint), painted white or painted a colour of your choice.

    Painted pelmets are alway painted in a gloss finish to ensure good finish and long life.

  2. Varnished - Varnished pelmets are made out of a variety of timbers: Tasi Oak (Tasmanian Oak), Queensland Red Cedar (Syrian), Clear Pine (Pine without too many knots in it), Western Red Cedar (Cedar from Canada like you see in a Sauna), Rosewood.

    Varnished pelmets can be purchased varnished or stained to a colour of your choice and then varnished.

    We do not sell timber pelmets raw (unvarnished) because they discolour if exposed to light during transport or manufacture.

    There is an extra charge for staining and a sample needs to be provided so we can get close to the right colour.


Raw pelmet ready for customer to paint.






Painted pelmet in White. Can be colour of your choice. 








Varnished pelmet Tasi Oak.