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Step 5 - Order your pelmets

Details to have ready to order your pelmet:
  1. What is the pelmet length? The length of you pelmet headboard.
    (Not including the thickness of the returns)

  2. Mounting position of you pelmet? On top of architrave, above architrave or ceiling fixed.

  3. The returns: Returns both sides, left only or right only

  4. What system do you want built-in to your pelmet?
    a. The Easytrack© system: S10, D15 or T22
    b. Headboard only: H10 or H15
    c. Motorised: 1track or 2 tracks

  5. Now you are ready to order choose one of the links below:

Order pelmets painted by us white or colour of your choice

Order raw pelmets for you to paint

Order varnished timber pelmets