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What are Easytrack curtain tapes

Our high quality self pleating curtain tapes are made in Germany and Austria and are designed so when you pull the strings the tape pleats in an even configuration automatically see below:

 Note: Our gliders are attached to tape in top pocket hole, only where pleat is.

Although we stock a large range of different tapes as above the following are the main tapes we use:

For curtains, sheers in front of lining or lining behind sheers:

50mm wide, 2.00:1 fullness, triple pleat tape.

For those wanting the special s-curve look:

80mm wide, 1.80: fullness, s-curve tape.

For sheers/voile/lace:

50mm wide, 2.50:1 fullness, triple pleat tape.

As a general rule the tapes above give the best results for the listed circumstance, but if short of fabric, one can always use a tape with less fullness.


If you need curtain making instructions, click here.

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